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"I really love my new lynx kitten, Penelope! She is just what I needed."

- "Commander"
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About Us: 
We are a small breeder located in Henrico (Richmond) Virginia. We specialize in Traditional Applehead Siamese in all 4 color points as well as Lynx or tabby-point Siamese in all 4 colors.
Siamese cats are:
beautiful, playful, and full of energy. They are very vocal and let you know when they require your attention. They are also very loving creatures that are great with children. They truly are a magnificent species.
If you’re looking for the perfect feline companion, you’ve come to the right place. At Milby Meows we provide the finest Siamese kittens available.

We have 5 available kittens that are ready to go home soon!
Call (804)285-8181 or email for more information.